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Happy 65th Birthday, Mary Louise Streep (June 22, 1949 - )

If there’s a heaven for directors, it would be to direct Meryl Streep your whole life, and my wish for the world is that Meryl will [someday] be 90 years old, acting in a great role written about a 90-year-old woman. - Alan J. Pakula

I would like to be one of those actresses who can do anything. I would like to be like Meryl Streep some day, but then I don’t know many people in this business who don’t have that goal. Amanda Seyfried

There is always talk about remaking All About Eve. (…) But after I’m gone, I’d like to look down, or up, and see Meryl Streep playing Margo. - Bette Davis

She loves to work and fortunately she’s a genius. - Bette Midler

Meryl Streep is one of the sweetest people - she’s so subtle and understated yet completely polished. Bobbi Brown

She’s aging beautifully and she doesn’t care. Cher

She’s a remarkable woman as well as the best actress. She’s an activist, a mother, and has managed her career without compromising; you don’t see her in advertisements or the gossip columns. We’ve been working together now for 30 years. It’s extraordinary to follow someone for so long, especially someone who has no interest in being photographed. She may be the only actress who’s not interested in looking at herself. She has no vanity; she gets no pleasure out of looking beautiful. She wants to get it over with as quickly as possible.

In the case of Meryl I first [photographed her] on Kramer vs. Kramer. And it’s unfortunate, because even though we’ve developed the most incredible closeness and friendship - truly, I never have enough of photographing her - she is constantly trying to avoid it! I think she kind of tolerates it, you know? Most women and actresses, at a certain point, will start to feel beautiful in the eye of that moment for the photographer and they start to relax and enjoy it. But Meryl will never get to that point, because she’s not interested in being looked at if she’s not performing. Brigitte Lacombe

She’s someone who I admire not only for what she can do - that’s a given - but for who she is. Emily Blunt

Meryl embodies everything a great, worthwhile artist is about. James Woods

Yes, I have been star-struck, by Meryl Streep. That woman is just luminous. She just radiates, it’s incredible. - Kylie Minogue

Meryl Streep does things I would never have thought possible… Her presence on screen is outstanding.Leonardo DiCaprio

As an actor, there’s no one better or classier than Meryl [Streep]. I’ve said this before, but honestly, I feel like we’re all very lucky to be alive right now and experience, first hand, her performances. I don’t think there’s ever been as great an actor, so when people like her come on our show, it becomes so important to honor them. To make sure I’m doing my very best because we are very mindful that this has to be worthy. Lisa Kudrow

Meryl can be anyone. Nobody understands what she does and how she does it. It’s great to be near her and to be part of it; it’s great to see her happen. The thing I always say is that she’s never lost an iota of the joy of doing it.

Weeks before we begin shooting, the company starts to get together.
And whoever is playing her lover is in love with her.
Whoever is playing the villain is a little scared of her.
Whoever is playing her best friend is her best friend.
She shifts her soul slightly and changes the chemistry of all the relationships.

I think she’s remarkable, and will be even more remarkable from a little bit of a distance - people looking back, saying, ‘this woman played ALL these parts?; 

Meryl’s got to be one of those phenomena, like Garbo,
that happen once in a generation.
 - Mike Nichols

She’s one of those unique actors who can laugh the world’s laughs and cry the world’s tears. - Phyllida Lloyd

Whenever she did a scene, you wished that the author were there to see it. - Robert Lewis

There’s simply no finer craftsman in the business. She’s as good as it gets.Robert Redford

I’d like to make a movie with her. She is arguably the greatest actress this country has seen in 40 years. - Steven Spielberg

For me, the greatest human being in America is Meryl Streep. She’s the top of the top, and nobody can be close to her, not even one inch. - Valentino

She’s a tremendously important artist in our time. She’s historically important. - William Hurt

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aquasquatch said: Opinion on "get out me car"?


Great writing, great production values, but the acting was shit, would have been better if Meryl Streep played the mother

"I don’t want to be singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m 40."

- Mick Jagger, who turns 71 today. (via seafaringgypsy)

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do you ever come up with AUs for your own life

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Pedro Pascal showing us how intact he is after the “big fight”- San Diego Comic Con 2014

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